Whirl system Schmidlin SILENT
Pure relaxation: The quietest Whirl system of the world.
Keep calm with the Schmidlin SILENT Whirl system. It is one of the quietest Whirl systems of its kind and satisfies the stricter soundproofing requirements of standard SIA 181 "Soundproofing in building construction". See EMPA test report no. 446038.3 from 11.7.2007.

The 24 nozzles set into the floor of the tub produce millions of tiny air bubbles that surround and caress your body with almost no noise whatsoever. A very special luxury for body and soul.
Standard SIA 181 "Soundproofing in building construction"
The Whirl system Schmidlin SILENT has been tested by the EMPA. It satisfies the stricter requirements of the soundproofing standard SIA 181 if it is installed correctly. You can find further information about the soundproofing standard SIA 181 in our soundproofing brochure: pdf, German (790 KB)
EMPA test report: pdf, German (249 KB)
Summary and explanation of test reports: pdf, German (160 KB)
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Operation instruction SILENT: pdf, German (1'340 KB)
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