Whirl system Schmidlin JET+SPA «Viktor Röthlin Edition»
Massage on all sides: The complete Whirl experience can be further enhanced for sports fans with a Schmidlin Whirl system JET+SPA «Viktor Röthlin Edition». The JET system's pump and the SPA system's fan have a higher basic power. What's more, the backrest section has an extra JET nozzle and the nozzles are arranged closer together.
Interview with the marathon runner Viktor Röthlin: pdf, German (203 KB)
The Whirl system JET+SPA «Viktor Röthlin Edition» offers you the perfect Whirl experience: You can then set your Whirl system however you want - depending on your mood and preferences - from gentle bubbles through to an intensive, full-body, underwater massage.

Overview of the Whirl system JET+SPA «Viktor Röthlin Edition»:
  • Bathtub: Schmidlin FORM 180 x 80 cm (also available: 170 x 75 cm and 190 x 80 cm)
  • Whirlsystem JET: Pump with 1250 W (normal Whirl system JET: 800 W)
  • Whirl system SPA: Fan with 1130 W (normal Whirl system SPA: 640 W)
  • Backrest section: An extra JET nozzle, closer arrangement of nozzles
Viktor Röthlin has chosen the following options:
  • Waterfall inlet Schmidlin SPLASH (optionally available)
  • Colour-light therapy (optionally available)
  • Heater (optionally available)
Water nozzle JET: The intensity of the massage effect can be adjusted by regulating the amount of entrained air. The intensity of the water flow can also be individually adjusted. This is operated electronically by touch keys.
Air nozzle SPA: The air flow can be individually adjusted. It is operated electronically by touch keys.
Options for Whirl system JET+SPA «Viktor Röthlin Edition»
Accessories for Whirlsystem JET+SPA «Viktor Röthlin Edition»
Instructions for Whirlsystem JET+SPA «Viktor Röthlin Edition»
Operation instruction JET+SPA «Viktor Röthlin Edition»: pdf, German (529 KB)
Mounting instruction: pdf, German (379 KB)
New freestanding bathtubs:
Magnetic and practical: towel holder, soap dispenser, soap dish and glass holder.
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