Company history Wilhelm Schmidlin AG
1947Foundation by Wilhelm Schmidlin (*1909 - †1985)1 October 1947: Purchase of a forge with a residential building in Oberarth
1948Construction of a factory building next to the forgeBlanks of bathtubs are weld together out of three pieces and enamelled in Zug.
1961Striking factory building (enamelling factory and press hall)It will be enamelled in a 3-shift operation by an electric heated chamber furnace.
1961Installation of a 630 t deep-drawing pressThe bathtubs are drawn seamlessly out of one piece. Schmidlin manages to deep-draw bathtubs of 45 cm depths by an ingenious 3-drawing procedure as first provider worldwide.
1965 – 1970Expansion of the enamelling factory to 4 chamber furnace
1947Commissioning of the first industrial robot to enamelling spray
1975Formation of public limited liability company
1977Construction of a new warehouse and logistic hangar.
1979 – 1980Installation of a propane heated continuous furnace in lightweight construction
1980Commissioning of the new cutting-edge enamelling factory with Power-and-Free conveyor technology
1982Changeover to 2-drawaing deep-drawing process
1986Takeover of the company by Eduard Wullschleger (*1940 − †2010) and Margrit Wullschleger-Schmidlin
1992Changeover to a 1-drawing deep-drawing process
1997Opening of the own exhibition in Oberarth
2007Handover of the management to Urs Wullschleger und Beat Wullschleger
2008Opening of the proprietary construction laboratoryFor the development and proofing of the new products as well as the trainings for installers, planners and architects.
2009New construction and commissioning of the new enamelling factory with brand modern production technologyThe focal points were flexibility, efficiency as well as cleanliness and ecology.
2010Opening of the new exhibition in OberarthOn over 400 square metres the Schimdlin products are shown. It is possible to try the Schmidlin whirlpool systems in the spa area.
2011Implementation SchmiLEANSchmidLEAN is the consistent implementation for the sustainable improvement of the business processes based on the Japanese KAIZEN philosophy.
2013Consisting warehouse and logistic hangar are broadened by a professional logistic centreBesides generous logistic areas for loading the trucks, there were also built a production area for supplies-production as well as the final assembling of the whirlpools on about 3’500 square metres.
New freestanding bathtubs:
Magnetic and practical: towel holder, soap dispenser, soap dish and glass holder.
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Quiet Whirl systems (SIA 181)
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