Bath products made of steel and enamel – two natural raw materials.
Titanium alloy steel plates are deep drawn down to 45 cm in a drawing press at a pressure of over 600 tons; this gives the steel tubs their inner shape. The at 850 degree fired enamel (glass) is a natural raw material too, which exits in large amounts in the nature.
The enamelled surface of the Schmidlin bath products bring significant advantages compared to other materials:
  • Strong and resistant
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Colour- and lightfast
  • Optimum thermal conductivity
  • Abraison-resistant
  • Long life guaranteed
Steel and enamel are natural materials which never loos their worth in the cycle of raw material, product and disposal. Steel and enamel can be separated unlimited and recycled to new products as bathtubs and more.
A Schmidlin product is a decision for the future.
New freestanding bathtubs:
Magnetic and practical: towel holder, soap dispenser, soap dish and glass holder.
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Quiet Whirl systems (SIA 181)
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