econal® 200W / 200WD – Urinal with maintenance flushing
Urinal of steel and enamel with a hybrid valve and maintenance flushing. Flushing can be triggered manually for cleaning purposes. Including mounting plate, hybrid valve and apron.

Econal® 200WD with integrated advertising pane. Can be retrofitted with an electronic 10-inch advertising display.
white (urinal) light grey (apron)
DimensionsArt No.ST No.SGVSB No.
econal® 200W – Urinal with maintenance flushing1677-00043421 315334333dxf3D-dxf
econal® 200WD – Urinal with maintenance flushing and advertising pane1677-0007334336dxf3D-dxf
OptionsArt No.ST No.SGVSB No.
Apron not in standard colour light grey (RAL 7035), available in any RAL colour
Electronic 10-inch advertising display for Schmidlin econal® 100D / 200WD / 200SD
AccessoriesArt No.ST No.SGVSB No.
Drain bend set for Schmidlin econal® 100 / 100D / 200W / 200WD108571851091
Hybrid valve for Schmidlin econal® 100 / 100D / 200W / 200WD10856031500
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