Schmidlin econal® – The ecological and economical urinal
It is resistant, it is economical, and it is entertaining. It is one of a kind. It’s econal® - the ecologial and econmocial urinal, geared to the future, made in Switzerland.

Resistant thanks to steel/enamel. The material is light yet stable, extremely tough and hard-wearing, colourfast, hygienic and long life guaranteed.

Economical thanks to a hybrid flushing system. Save up to 99 percent of water with the various flushing variants. And even more with the water-free model.

Entertaining thanks to an advertising pane or high-res 10-inch advertising display system.

econal® models:
WaterlessWith flushing after use (with trap)With maintenance flushing (with hybrid valve)
Find out more about the econal® in the brochure.
Prospectus econal® (pdf, 1'670 KB)
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